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Clean energy-tech for every home

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The heat pump era is here

Aira is the game-changing provider of clean energy-tech for every home. We make it easy for families to switch to the high-efficiency heat pump that will cut their household CO₂ emissions by 75%. The unique Aira all-inclusive plan makes owning a heat pump affordable, accessible and hassle-free.

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Savings from day 1

Aira cut your heating energy bill by 25-40%. And with Aira’s unique all-inclusive plan, there’s nothing to pay up front and you can spread your costs.

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Hassle-free switching

We manage the entire customer journey, so homes can go from approved offer to up and running in just four smooth weeks.

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Comfort Guarantee

Our industry leading 10 Year Performance and Product Guarantee promises 20°C comfort on even the coldest day of the year (based on minimum expected temperatures).

Interested to see how an air source heat pump works?

Everything around us contains heat in the form of thermal energy – it flows from one place to another in a never-ending dance of balance. Heat pumps utilise this natural flow of warmth, alongside some clever technology, to heat your home. Watch our explainer to see how the magic of turning free air into heat energy for our homes actually happens.

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Intelligent energy-tech ecosystem

The Aira solution is built to be future proof. Beginning with heat pumps, it will expand into an intelligent clean energy-tech ecosystem, complete with dynamic electrical tariffs, home solar systems and battery storage. This way, Aira will unlock the true potential of energy-saving solutions.

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The end-to-end model for unmatched customer experience

Aira operates across the entire heat pump value chain, including design, manufacturing, sales, installation, financing solutions and customer support. We will also soon have our own production. The Aira Academy is already up-skilling and re-skilling Clean Energy Experts. And a standardised Aira Formula 1 installation process delivers unrivalled efficiency for European homeowners.

The disruptive Aira business model unlocks significant cost advantages which are shared with consumers. Vertical integration and our direct-to-consumer offering avoids costly intermediaries, keeping our pricing competitive.

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How heat pumps work



Step 1

The fan draws free outside air into the heat pump. It moves over an evaporator, where the air’s natural heat is absorbed by a liquid refrigerant. This turns into gas, and stores the absorbed energy. The gas enters a compressor; both pressure and temperature rise.


Step 2

The now hot gas moves into a condenser. As it meets the heating and hot water system, it condenses into liquid, releasing the absorbed energy into your home’s heating and water circuit.


Step 3

As the liquid refrigerant passes an expansion valve, pressure is released, the liquid cools and the process can start again. And that’s it! Heating for your home and hot water, made by free fresh air.

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