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Change. It's in the air.

 Driving the clean energy revolution with air source heat pumps. 

 One home at a time. 

What we offer
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Why Aira?

Lower bills, lower carbon

25-40% saving on your energy bills, 75% saving on your carbon emissions

Nothing to pay upfront

Spread your heat pump costs with an all-inclusive plan and access to government grants

Hassle-free switching

From approved offer to up and running in just four smooth weeks

Comfort Guarantee

10 Year Performance and Product Guarantee

Heat Pump

Clean energy-tech for every home

We're here to bring clean energy-tech to every home. Innovative, highly efficient heat pumps cleverly use energy from the air outside to heat our homes and water inside. Over 100 million homes in Europe are already heat pump ready. And with our unique all-inclusive plan, switching is affordable and hassle-free.

Interested to see how an air source heat pump works?

Everything around us contains heat in the form of thermal energy – it flows from one place to another in a never-ending dance of balance. Heat pumps utilise this natural flow of warmth, alongside some clever technology, to heat your home. Watch our explainer to see how the magic of turning free air into heat energy for our homes actually happens.

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We are Aira

Aira was founded in 2022 with a mission to empower people to join the clean energy revolution, one home at a time. Our first offering, highly efficient heat pumps, is already disrupting the residential heating sector. The same sector responsible for 10% of all of Europe's CO₂ emissions. We're headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and we’ll be making our heat pumps in our factory in Poland. We're currently piloting in Italy and are launching in the UK and Germany later in 2023.

As seen in
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Two children reading a book together in a bunk bed in a room with warm light.

Heat for a new era

There’s no place in today’s world for dirty energy. We urgently need clean energy-tech. Transforming how we heat our homes and water is the most efficient way to achieve net zero. Our offering even shrinks household's energy bills.

Heat pumps reduce your personal CO₂ footprint more effectively than other lifestyle choices:


car-free life


stop flying


plant-based diet

A light white sheet flowing in mid air in a beam of warm light

Vargas launches Aira

Stockholm, Sweden – June 16, 2023: Today, Vargas announces its fourth venture to accelerate decarbonisation. Aira will reduce CO2 emissions from residential heating and dependence on foreign gas, whilst cutting consumer energy bills. The new venture is set to become Europe's number one direct-to-consumer brand within clean energy-tech, providing innovative and affordable solutions with intelligent heat pumps at the heart.

Vaillant heat pump next to a wooden wall of a white and wooden modern house.

Read more about why you should switch to a heat pump?

Air source heat pumps have been steadily making their way into more European homes over the past decade, empowering thousands of households to lower their energy bills while reducing their carbon emissions.

Want to join Aira and drive the clean energy revolution?

Your talent, experience and passion can help bring clean energy-tech to every home. Explore our roles right across Europe.

`Air to water Vaillant aroTherm heat pump in the garden of a white house

Be in the know

Get the latest on clean energy-tech and how you can save money on your heating bills.

3 copies of Aira's European Heatmap Report

The Aira European Heatmap Report

This short report is our contribution to acknowledge the need for new clean energy-tech solutions and address Europe’s third largest emitter – our homes.

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