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Gas Boiler on wall
21 September 2023

What is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS for short) is a government grant created to help decarbonise domestic heating in the UK in our efforts to reach “net zero” and at the same time decrease energy bills. The grant helps homeowners afford to make the eco-friendly switch from a fossil fuel or oil boiler to a low-carbon heat pump which is 400% more energy efficient and decreases CO2 emissions with 75%.

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geothermal heat pump system
9 August 2023

Types of Heat Pumps

Switching to a heat pump can make some significant improvements to your home, from reduced energy bills to fewer carbon emissions produced. Heat pumps are the way forward when it comes to a greener home.

If you’re thinking of making the switch but aren’t sure which type of heat pump will suit your home and needs best, keep reading as we’ll explore the most popular heat pump types and their benefits.

Person and boiler
4 August 2023

When To Replace a Boiler?

If your boiler is nearing the end of its life or you’re looking for a greener, more cost efficient way to heat your home, you might want to think twice before replacing it with another. Find out about other heating solutions.

Person using calculator
4 August 2023

How Much Does an Air To Water Heat Pump Cost

Your home needs to be heated, preferably with a low-carbon heating system that’s just as reliable as a gas boiler, without the costly energy bills. Air-to-water heat pumps tick every box by using the free air from outside to heat your water and keep your home toasty. But how much do they cost? Read on for a full heat pump installation cost breakdown.

air to water heat pump unit
13 July 2023

What is an Air to Water Heat Pump & How Does it Work?

Every home has different energy needs. An air-to-water heat pump can provide an efficient heating and cooling solution for your household, regardless of size or climate. By using the power of the air to create energy to heat your home and water, air-to-water heat pumps will help reduce your bills and carbon emissions.

pen in hand with calculator
16 June 2023

Air Source Heat Pump Cost Calculator

There’s no denying that gas prices are higher than they’ve ever been and with little sign of them dropping, many people are deciding to switch their traditional gas boiler for an air source heat pump system to heat their homes and water. 

House with heat pump outside
16 June 2023

Why switch to a heat pump from a boiler?

Air source heat pumps have been steadily making their way into more European homes over the past decade, empowering thousands of households to lower their energy bills while reducing their carbon emissions.

Illustration of home
16 June 2023

Heat Pump Guide

Heat pumps have burst into the spotlight in recent years, and for good reason – they’re energy-efficient, money-saving, and are a more eco-friendly alternative to gas central heating. Whether you’ve never heard of heat pumps or you’re aware and been asking ‘How do heat pumps work?’, read on to learn more about the future of home heating.

A lone windmill standing on a field with mighty mountains in the background. A person is standing looking at it in the forefround.
16 June 2023

Are heat pumps the silver bullet to solve Europe’s energy crisis?

The energy crisis demands urgent action to decarbonise every aspect of modern life. Disruptions to energy prices and trade flows have sent ripple effects throughout our industry. The environmental impact of Europe’s reliance on fossil fuels is turning disruption into chaos, as our summers become increasingly punctuated by floods and forest fires.

Aerial shot of a lush green pine forest in mist.
16 June 2023

Are heat pumps the solution to Europe’s gas boiler problem?

I have been deeply immersed in the world of heat pumps over the past year – and through this journey, I have come to realise the enormous impact of residential heating on the environment. Part of the problem is the lack of awareness among the public about the steps they can take to make a difference. When we think about reducing our carbon footprint, electric cars are often one of the first solutions that spring to mind.

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