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16 June 2023

What is the cost of a boiler replacement?

Zu sehen ist eine Hand, die an einem Regler von einem Boiler dreht
See what you can save

Getting a new boiler for your home can be a stressful experience, especially in an emergency. With different types of boilers to choose from, such as combi boilers, regular boilers and system boilers, and confusing misinformation surrounding costs, it’s no wonder why so many people put off replacing their boiler until the last possible moment.

However, getting a new boiler installed as quickly and efficiently as possible is important, especially during the colder months. Here, we’ll explore the cost of different types of heating systems for your home and what other factors can influence the price to help you better understand the process.

Combi Boiler Replacement Costs

A combi boiler is popular in small residences, such as apartments, thanks to its ability to provide hot water and heating instantly on-demand, without the need for a bulky hot water cylinder, from a single unit.

On average, a new combi boiler can cost anywhere between £1,000 to £1,200. However, this can depend on the brand. Budget combi boilers will cost less while more premium boilers will be more expensive and likely last longer. It’s also important to remember that this cost is only for the boiler itself and not the installation, annual maintenance and servicing, or repair costs.

If you’re replacing an old boiler with the more modern combi boiler, the installation process is extensive as it involves the full removal of your old boiler and water cylinder, new pipework installed into the existing boiler location and installation of the boiler itself. This work can take a couple of days and can cost an additional £500 to £2000.

Luckily, combi boilers are designed to last around 10-15 years, so they aren’t something that will need replacing often. Learn the signs to look out for that your boiler needs replacing.

Regular and System Boiler Replacement Costs

Regular and system boilers use a separate water cylinder or water tank, which can usually be found in an airing cupboard or the loft, that stores hot water ready to use. These systems aren’t instant, like combi boilers, and are becoming much less popular.

Replacing these standard boilers can cost between £1,200 to £1,600. This number depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • The brand of boiler.
  • The required controls.
  • Any additional pumps or valves. 
  • The boiler’s warranty.
  • The complexity of the installation process.

This price only reflects the cost of the boiler and its installation. The water cylinder or tank, which will also need to be installed, will come at an additional cost.

The Cost Difference Between Standalone and Fitted Boilers

A standalone boiler, without installation or any other extras, can cost anywhere between £1,000 and £2,200, depending on the model and the type of boiler you choose. Typically, combi boilers cost the most, while system and regular boilers are less expensive top-of-the-range boilers can even cost up to £2,500 or more.

A fitted boiler will take into consideration the boiler replacement cost, the type of boiler, the location and any extras, such as smart controls, filters etc.

The Cost of Fitting & Installing a New Boiler

The cost for installing a boiler can cost between £1,000 and £2,000, which will include all the required fixtures and fittings. It often surprises people that the installation is the most expensive part of replacing a boiler. This is because of the work and specialist knowledge it requires.

However, it’s important to remember that you are not obliged to buy the boiler itself from the installation company, so it may be possible to save money by splitting where you buy the boiler and who you choose to install it.

What can Influence the Cost of a new Boiler?

The cost of boilers can range drastically, along with the cost of installation too, but numerous factors influence this cost depending on your situation and needs. Below is a breakdown of the most common factors that influence the cost of the boiler so you’ll know, roughly, what to expect:

  • The boiler itself - as discussed above, this can cost between £1,000 to £2,200 for a combi boiler or £1,200 to £1,600 for a regular or system boiler.
  • Boiler installation - this will depend on how long the job will take and how complex it may be and can range from £500 and £2,000.
  • Vertical flue cost - the vertical flue is the pipe that leads from the boiler to the outside of your home. A horizontal flue is the standard pipe for most boilers and won’t cost any extra, but if you require a vertical flue, which is more work, this can cost more.
  • Plume kit - if your boiler’s flue is too close to a window or a door, you’ll need a plume extension kit installed.
  • Gas pipe upgrade - many gas pipes in older homes will need to be replaced with more modern copper piping with a larger width to meet regulations.
  • Relocation - if you want to move your boiler to a more convenient spot, this can incur a hefty charge as it will need a lot of physical labour, pipework, new fixtures and fittings and the repair/renovation of the old spot.
  • Controls - with a new boiler often comes new controls installed, too, especially if you’re replacing an old boiler with a more modern combi boiler.


Save Money with an Air-Source Heat Pump

Replacing your boiler is an expensive project and something that fills many homeowners with dread. An alternative to the traditional boiler is an air to water heat pump. Air source heat pumps are four times more efficient than a gas boiler, producing 75% less carbon emissions and brings in 40% savings on energy bills; better value for money overall, easier to maintain and can last about 25% longer than boilers.

Switching to an air source heat pump is a great option when replacing your boiler. You can benefit from lower energy bills whilst enjoy a more energy efficient home.

Learn more about the costs of an air source heat pump.

From the Aira team

Boiler replacement FAQs

The UK government is offering a £7,500 grant towards the cost and installation of air to water, ground source and water source heat pumps, and £5,000 to switch to a biomass boiler. It does not include air to air and hybrid heat pumps or gas condensing boilers. The grant applies to eligible households across England and Wales until 2028.  

Heat pumps are four times more efficient than a gas boiler. For every 1kW energy put in, you get around 4kW out, compared to a boiler where you only get 0.9 kW out.

Heat pumps also represent better value for money, because they are much easier to maintain and last longer. They can last over 18 years – that's 25% longer than gas boilers (based on average lifetime of a boiler of 10-15 years).

An air source heat pump is much more durable than a gas boiler. If you do experience any issues with your heating or hot water system, with the Aira Comfort Guarantee, we’ll come and fix it free of charge. No parts to pay for, no labour costs and no call out charge – everything is included. 

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