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Solar panels on large roof

The real power of solar

Clean, renewable solar power is a smart addition 
to any home. But when solar and heat pumps work together? Then the real energy savings start.

  • Double your solar power savings
  • Become energy independent
  • Enjoy 0% VAT
How much can I save?
A solar panel reflecting light with a hand touching it

Make your own energy

Why pour even more money into the energy giants’ profits? Add value to your own home instead. 

Solar panels don’t just protect yourself against energy price hikes. Or reduce your reliance on the energy companies. They add up to £5,400 to your property price, too. 

And yes, solar panels do work in the UK. They perform best in strong sunshine but still generate electricity on overcast days.

Aira Image

Run your heat pump on solar for double the efficiency

This is what we call the solar panel + heat pump effect.

When your home runs on sun, so does your heat pump. And your consumption-reducing power doubles.

Aira Image
Aira Image

Eight reasons to switch to solar

70% off energy bills
Producing your own electricity cuts 70% off your energy bills.
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1-2 days installation
Solar panels are quick to install and don’t need planning permission.
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Add up to £5,400
Solar panels can increase the value of your home by up to £5,400.
Heat icon
Lasts up to 40 years
Solar panels are low maintenance and long lasting.
Leaf icon
Whisper quiet
Solar panels generate electricity silently, no noise for you or your neighbours.
Aira Image
Surplus energy into savings
Sell your surplus electricity back to the grid.
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Energy independence
Solar panels protect you against future energy price hikes.
Aira Image
Store the energy you make in the day to power your home at night.
House with solar panels on the roof

See what you can save

Use our calculator and find out

Good to know

There are a few things to consider before installing solar panels at home:

Roofs facing between East and West are best for solar, for maximum sun exposure.

Your roof needs to be structurally sound to carry the extra weight of your solar panels and fittings.

Got lots of trees or other buildings nearby? Solar panels work best when they’re shadow-free.

Right now there’s 0% VAT to pay on solar panels [usually 20%]

Solar panels can reduce your energy bills by 70%

Increase the value of your home by up to £5,400

Low maintenance solar panels last up to 40 years
Aira heat pump installer moving an air to water heat pump

Relax,  it’s Aira

The best home energy system is one that works together. But when you’re dealing with different companies, suppliers, installers and contracts, that’s easier said than done.

Aira does it differently.

Ten solar panels on a roof

Whole home efficiency

Heat pumps, insulation and solar. They’re the magic three of clean energy efficiency, with the power to reduce your home’s energy consumption by a staggering 80%. 

Only Aira takes care of them all, with one made-to-measure clean energy system for your whole home.

Find out what you could save
Two Aira employees moving an air source heat pump

Clean energy obsessed

Clean energy. It’s our everything.

It’s why we invest in the entire value chain, from creating brand new clean energy jobs and retraining gas installers to become Aira energy experts, to designing future clean energy-tech. From the products that will live in your home, to the intelligent software behind them.

The Aira approach
Behind a person sat on a sofa with their hands clasped behind their head

Making sustainable doable

Aira’s hassle-free experience and all-inclusive plan makes switching to a heat pump as simple and natural as, well, clean fresh air. 

Our all-inclusive plan
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