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Heat pump cost calculator

With a £7,500 government grant available and 0% VAT to pay, there's never been a better time to ditch your old fossil-fuel-burning boiler and switch to a clean energy heat pump. 

Use our heat pump cost calculator to find out how much reducing your energy bills by 25% could cost you.

What could your heat pump cost?

Cost from£

The Aira all-inclusive plan
Full design and installation
Affordable monthly payment options
Help with paperwork and grant application
15 Year Aira Comfort Guarantee
Estimate based on standard installation, assuming no radiator upgrades. £7,500 government grant applied. Payment options available.Get a tailor-made quote
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What affects the price of an air source heat pump?

From the size of the unit to the complexity of the installation, there are numerous factors that impact the price of an air source heat pump system.

While the upfront price may be higher than a gas boiler, these costs are mitigated by a heat pump's significant energy bill savings over time. And, with various government grants available, like the £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme, a heat pump is more affordable than you might think.

Air source heat pump costs explained
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After finding out how much they could save, Lina and her partner contacted Aira about installing a heat pump at their Victorian terraced flat in southeast London. 

Despite having no EPC and concerns about whether their property would be able to have a heat pump, Aira made it happen.

See our heat pump install in a London flat
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Learn more about heat pumps

Aira heat pump outdoor unit face on against a wall with some potted plants either side

The Aira Heat Pump

Some say intelligent, affordable and carbon emission-free heating sounds too good to be true. We say it sounds like Aira.

Aira Heat Pump outdoor unit at a slight angle

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps are a clean alternative to traditional heating systems. Learn more about the different types and how they all work.

Aira Heat Pump outdoor unit against a grey wall covered in snow

What are air to water heat pumps?

Air to water heat pumps use thermal energy to heat your home and water. But how do they work and how are they installed?

Our heat pump savings calculator

See what you could save with a heat pump

What type of home do you live in?
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2 Bedrooms
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5+ Bedrooms
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Heat pump cost calculator FAQs

We'll ask some initial questions to check your home is suitable for a heat pump (70% of homes are). We will then help you claim this grant through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and guide you through the application. We will provide all the support and information you'd need from the initial application to the day of the installation.

A well-designed heat pump system is 4X more efficient than a gas boiler since it captures 75% of the energy required to heat your home from the free outside air. 

The exact cost of running the system depends on the temperature you choose in your home, the amount of hot water you consume, and the price of electricity and the type of electricity tariff you use. 

All Aira Heat Pump systems are designed to perform significantly more efficiently than a gas boiler to optimise CO₂ and heating bill savings. If you don’t have any other gas appliances in your home after switching to a heat pump, you'll be waving goodbye to gas bills for good.

An air source heat pump is much more durable than a gas boiler. If you do experience any issues with your heating or hot water system, with the Aira Comfort Guarantee, we’ll come and fix it free of charge. No parts to pay for, no labour costs and no call out charge – everything is included. 

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