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16 June 2023

Why switch to a heat pump from a boiler?

House with heat pump outside
See what you can save

Air source heat pumps have been steadily making their way into more European homes over the past decade, empowering thousands of households to lower their energy bills while reducing their carbon emissions.

Making the decision to switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump can be daunting – but taking the first step sooner rather than later can be hugely rewarding. Here are five reasons to start your installation journey today.

Reason 1 – Heat pumps could save you money on your energy bills

Switching to a heat pump could reduce your monthly energy bills by 40%*, depending on your current energy system. This is because the average heat pump has an efficacy rating of 400%, while gas boilers have an average efficiency rating of around 90%.

Reason 2 - Heat pumps have low maintenance costs

Heat pumps are very durable, so maintenance is required less regularly than a boiler and Aira provides a Comfort Guarantee with every sale  including a 10-year performance and 10 year product guarantee.

Reason 3 – Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home

Because they transfer heat rather than generate heat, heat pumps can efficiently provide comfortable temperatures for your home. During winter, they move heat from the cool outdoors into your warm house; but during the summer, they are also able to move heat from your house into the outdoors when combined with a fancoils.

Reason 4 – Heat pumps are more energy efficient than gas boilers

Because heat pumps are more energy efficient than gas boilers and other conventional heating and cooling systems, and because they don't burn fossil fuels like natural gas or oil, heat pumps can help you reduce your carbon emissions.

Reason 5 – Gas boilers are being phased out across Europe

Although the EU has not yet announced a ban on gas boilers, many countries are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to decarbonising home energy. Germany will ban gas and oil heating in new or renovated buildings from next year, and gas boilers will be banned in new home developments in the UK from 2025.

From the Aira team

*The expected average monthly cost for customers with an air source heat pump is 69 EUR/month, while for customers using gas heating, this rises to 114EUR/month. This calculation is based on the average electricity consumption of an air source heat pump (3089 kWh) compared to gas (13727 kWh), and takes into account average gas prices (0.10 EUR/kWh) and average electricity prices (0.27 EUR/kWh).

Yes – and if you use solar energy to heat your home, you’ll not only remove carbon from the equation but you’ll also have a fully green heating system that pays for itself. 

A well-designed heat pump system is 4X more efficient than a gas boiler since it captures 75% of the energy required to heat your home from the free outside air. 

The exact cost of running an air source heat pump depends on the temperature you choose in your home, the amount of hot water you consume, and the price of electricity and the type of electricity tariff you use. 

All Aira Heat Pump systems are designed to perform significantly more efficiently than a gas boiler to optimise CO₂ and heating bill savings. If you don’t have any other gas appliances in your home after switching to a heat pump, you'll be waving goodbye to gas bills for good.

With the Aira Comfort Guarantee, we promise that our Aira Heat Pumps will continue to provide a cosy indoor temperature for the next 15 years. Or we'll come out to fix it. And, if you want to extend your cover when your 15 years are up, that’s easy and affordable. 

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