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The Aira Heat Pump

Some say intelligent, affordable and carbon emission-free heating sounds too good to be true. We say it sounds like Aira. 

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Our range

The Aira Heat Pump outdoor unit at a slight angle

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit draws in and extracts heat from the fresh air outside to heat your home and hot water.

Outdoor unit
Aira indoor units including the Aira Indoor Unit and Aira Buffer Tank

Indoor units

Water heated by your outdoor unit is stored and distributed by two components installed inside your home; the Aira Indoor Unit and Buffer Tank.

Aira Image

The Aira Home Energy app

Your Aira system is full of clever features which heat your home with optimal efficiency. We call it Aira Intelligence.

Clean conscience heating that saves you money

Aira Image

The Aira Heat Pump runs on free, fresh air, not filthy fossil fuels. And the last time we checked, fresh air was free.

That’s why switching to the Aira Heat Pump can not only cut your heating CO₂ emissions to zero, but shrink your heating costs by 25%.

What is an air to water heat pump?


Aira Image
Aira Image

Designed to be timeless

Unlike a clunky boiler, the Aira Heat Pump is simple, clean and effortlessly stylish. Outdated features like displays are replaced by a seamless app experience, a beautifully designed thermostat and Intuitive Light Cues.
Aira Image

Impressively efficient

There's a product rating called SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance). A rating over 3.5 is good. And an Aira Heat Pump? An impressive 4.7. And, with Aira Intelligence, your system becomes even more efficient over time.
Aira Image

Uses natural R290 refrigerant

All heat pumps use refrigerants. Most are harmful to the environment. But we use R290. It's natural, efficient, non-toxic and free of ozone-depleting properties.
Aira Image

The industry's top standards

Aira products are independently tested and certified to meet the top industry standards.

Freezing outside? No problem.

Aira heat pumps are designed to keep working in even the most extreme temperatures. Like -25°C extreme. We do come from Sweden, after all... 

See what you can save with an Aira Heat Pump

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Learn more about heat pumps

Aira Heat Pump outdoor unit at a slight angle

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps are a clean alternative to traditional heating systems. Learn more about the different types and how they all work.

Aira heat pump outdoor unit face on against a wall with some potted plants either side

How much are air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps have the power to slash your heating bills by 25%. And they cost less than you think.

Aira Heat Pump outdoor unit against a grey wall covered in snow

What are air to water heat pumps?

Air to water heat pumps use thermal energy to heat your home and water. But how do they work and how are they installed?

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