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Where's your heating going?

Energy prices are going through the roof. Don’t let your precious heating escape the same way. Proper insulation in your loft and walls keeps your heating exactly where you need it. Inside.

How much can I save?
Row of three British homes
Attic with loft insulation down and a roll of insulation

Meet the energy-efficiency game-changer

Energy has a sneaky habit of escaping. Insulation stops it. Loft insulation alone prevents up to 40% of heat escaping through your roof. Cavity wall insulation keeps another 35% in.

How much will your home save?

Fully insulated loft and an air to water heat pump

Drive those heating costs down

When your heating’s not escaping all the time, you’ll stay toasty on a lot less energy. That drives down your energy bills and lowers your carbon emissions even more than getting a heat pump alone. 

Heat pumps and insulation? It’s a win-win.

Aira Image

Wondering if insulation's worth it?

Yes, a million times yes.

Insulation keeps more of your heating in your home, driving down consumption, waste and costs.

Still need convincing? Use our savings calculator to see the potential savings for your home.


Chart above based on a semi detached, 3 bedroom home with no loft or cavity wall insulation, 20,000 kWh gas p/year for heating and hot water. 
Comparing a 90% efficient gas boiler with a 400% efficient Heat Pump.

Insulation can stop up to 40% of your precious heat escaping
Insulation can stop up to 40% of your precious heat escaping
Insulation can save up to £400 a year in energy bills
Insulation can save up to £400 a year in energy bills
Every improvement to your EPC rating adds value to your home
Every improvement to your EPC rating adds value to your home
All our insulation is made of recycled materials
All our insulation is made of recycled materials
Aira UK CEO Daniel Särefjord with All Seasons Energy Directors Kevin Oldfield and Richard Moule and Clive Betts, MP for Sheffield South East and chair of the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee

All Seasons Energy, by Aira

Who better to help us on our clean energy mission than one of the UK’s most respected home renewable energy specialists? 

We’ve invested in All Seasons Energy so we can bring you the very best in solar power and insulation as well as heat pumps. 

Aira Image
Aira Image

Why whole home insulation is key

Reduces heat lost through your roof and walls resulting in huge savings on your energy bills

Around 25% of the heat from your home will escape through the roof

Around 35% of the heat from your home will escape through the walls

Eco friendly product, 100% recyclable and made from recycled plastic

Aira is accredited by Trustmark Plus and our trusted partners at All Seasons are accredited for MCS and HIES

Our professional team of installers use the latest insulation materials and methods to insulate your home

70% of the heating we pay for is wasted... insulation is your shortcut to energy savings

See what you can save

Use our quick calculator to find out

How many bedrooms do you have in your home?


Insulation reduced heat loss by 40%


Loft insulation alone can save you up to £300 a year on your energy bills


Add cavity wall insulation for extra energy bill savings – up to £400 a year more

Aira heat pump installer moving an air to water heat pump

Relax, it's Aira

The best home energy system is one that works together. But when you're dealing with different companies, suppliers, installers and contracts, that's easier said than done.

Aira does it differently.

Ten solar panels on a roof

Whole home efficiency

Heat pumps, insulation and solar. They're the magic three of clean energy efficiency, with the power to reduce your home's energy consumption by a staggering 80%

Only Aira takes care of them all, with one made-to-measure clean energy system for your whole home.

Two Aira employees moving an air source heat pump

Clean energy obsessed

Clean energy. It’s our everything. 

It’s why we invest in the entire value chain, from creating brand new clean energy jobs and retraining gas installers to become Aira energy experts, to designing future clean energy-tech. From the products that will live in your home, to the intelligent software behind them.

Behind a person sat on a sofa with their hands clasped behind their head

Making sustainable doable

We believe the switch to clean energy should be as easy as possible. For as many homes as possible. That;s why there's the helpful Aira all-inclusive plan.

Let’s talk energy efficiency


Want a no-strings chat about improving your home’s energy efficiency? Share your number and we’ll call you back.

Or call us on: 0330 822 5493

Weekdays Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm 

Aira employee sat with two customers in a kitchen with a tablet
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