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Goodbye gas, hello clean energy

Expensive gas-guzzling boiler or a free fresh air heat pump? It’s a no brainer.

  • 25% lower heating costs
  • £7,500 grant available 
  • 75% less CO2 emissions
See how much you can save

Switching the UK to clean, cheaper energy. One home at a time.

Aira employee bending down beside an air source heat pump

Swap your old boiler with a heat pump

Switching to a heat pump costs the same as replacing a gas boiler and with Aira's hassle free installation process you skip the expensive boiler replacement service for a quick heat pump installation. 

With the power of Aira's clean energy-tech you get some extra perks too:

Aira Image

Join the clean energy revolution

There’s no place in today’s world for dirty energy. Not when clean energy alternatives are already here. And there’s a £7,500 grant to help you switch. 

Millions of UK homes could make the move to clean and more efficient energy-tech today and save 25% on heating related costs. Are you one of them?

6 reasons to switch to a heat pump

Aira Image
Comfort Guaranteed
Guaranteed cosiness on even the coldest day of the year
Aira Image
Advanced technology
Optimal heating and hot water performance
Aira Image
Control your heat pump from anywhere
Aira Image
Compact design
Ideal for small spaces
Pokal Symbol
Quiet Mark awarded
Hear that? It’s your near-silent heat pump
Pokal Symbol
Next-gen technology
Quiet Mark awarded, A+++ efficiency class and eco-friendly refrigerant
Aira Image

See what you can save

Who are we?

We’re Aira. We come from Sweden, where heat pumps are as common as our bitter -25 degree winters.

Aira Image
Behind an Aira employee working on an air source heat pump

The Scandi heating standard

Here’s a curious thing. The countries with Europe’s harshest winters also have Europe’s lowest residential heating CO2 emissions. Why? Because in regions like Scandinavia, they don’t use inefficient gas boilers. They use heat pumps. And that got us wondering. What if we could make heat pumps as commonplace here as it is up there? How much CO2 could we save? And how much could we shrink heating bills by?

A lot, as it turns out.

Aira Image

21st century heating

Back in the 1950s gas boilers were pretty revolutionary. 
But a lot’s changed in 70 years. Isn’t it time our heating did too?

What could your heat pump cost?

Cost from£

The Aira all-inclusive plan
Full design and installation
Boiler removal and recycling
Help with paperwork and grant application
15 Year Product & Installation Warranty
Estimate based on standard installation with average no. of new radiators. £7,500 government grant applied. Payment options available.Get a tailor-made quote

Check out Aira's heat pump installation process

Video thumbnail - Aira Heat Pump Installation Process
Play button - Aira Heat Pump Installation Process
Aira Image

This is how we calculate it:

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