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The energy revolution needs you

Passionate about a carbon-free future? Want to unleash the power of clean-energy tech on the world? Ready to turn a whole industry upside down? Join the 500-strong team across Europe that’s doing exactly that.

Aira UK Team in a warehouse
Members of the Aira team stood around an air to water heat pump

This is Aira

Can clean energy-tech change the world? We say yes. Today’s residential heating accounts for 15% of Europe’s CO₂ emissions. And that’s where Aira comes in. We’re champions of next-generation energy. Here to slash emissions and save customers from sky-high bills.

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Clean energy technicians

Most recent job opportunities

Planning Agent

Service Operations · Manchester Hub · No Remote Work

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Aira employee wearing a white branded t-shirt and a cap

Why us?

Your talent could take you anywhere. But anywhere else isn’t Aira.

Here are five reasons why an Aira career is an opportunity not to miss.


Do something meaningful

Help slash the world’s fossil fuel dependency and cut 75% of household CO₂ emissions.


Focus all your energy on clean energy

Join a completely focused, single-minded mission: bringing clean energy-tech to every home.


Soar higher

Grow your talents in a supportive, inclusive and development-rich culture.


Shake it up

Disrupt the residential heating industry, the third biggest culprit of CO₂ emissions.


Say ‘I did that’

Create genuinely sustainable products from scratch in a truly international company.

Two Aira clean energy technicians working on a heat pump installation

Clean energy technicians

If you’re a gas boiler engineer, plumber or electrician looking to retrain, the Aira Academy opens brand new doors for your skills.

Aira employees working together around a flipchart

HQ jobs

Aira is growing, fast. Discover our international opportunities in project management, marketing, finance, talent, tech and more.

Two Aira branded vans

Sales, support and services

Our clean energy-tech mission relies on you. Explore the back-office opportunities that make it all possible.

Values we live by

Meet the values that inspire us, daily. If they spark something in you, Aira could well be the place for your next step.

Raketen Symbol

Dare to fly

With courage and passion, we embrace uncertainty and reach for new heights

Globe icon

Be global citizens

We lead with care and respect, building for the now without compromising the future

2 Hände die einen Handschlag darstellen

Empower our customers to do the right thing

We do the right thing by our customers, so they can do the right thing by the planet

Aira Image

Freedom to discover

Curious minds and an appetite for adventure lets us feel comfortable with failure and inspired by learning

Aerial shot of a lush green pine forest in mist.

Our manifesto

Burning fossil fuels just to be comfortable in our own homes is a solution from a different age.​​ And every day the evidence becomes clearer: it’s a solution that’s killing our planet.

​​Residential heating is the single greatest contributor to household carbon emissions – far beyond anything that can be addressed through changes in diet or travel.​ We live in a time of incredible innovation, but too few of us have been able to share in the benefits.​

We want to change that.​

At Aira we think it’s time everyone was given the tools they need to make a difference.​ We want to put the smartest technology in your hands,​So you can master the elements and tap into the clean, free energy that’s all around you.​

We’re putting you back in control of your home’s energy.​ So you can choose the future we all need.




Meet the faces behind the future everybody needs

Some of the most influential names in tech innovation have brought their talent to Aira. Why not join them?

Pamela Brown
Pamela Brown

Group CMO and Commercial Director, UK

Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris

Chief of Staff

Andrew Angus
Andrew Angus

Partnerships Director

Daniel Särefjord
Daniel Särefjord

Chief Commercial Officer, CEO UK

Danielle Lasky
Danielle Lasky

People and Culture Director

Lucy Manning
Lucy Manning

Marketing Manager

Tracy Serrao
Tracy Serrao

Head of Commercial Contact Centre

Richard Monk
Richard Monk

Clean Energy Technician

Damian Franczyszyn
Damian Franczyszyn

Design Engineer

Oliver Jepson
Oliver Jepson

Head of Talent Acquisition

Rupert Nevill
Rupert Nevill

Director Product Supply

Matt Isherwood
Matt Isherwood

Service Operations Director

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