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The next generation energy champion

Residential heating is responsible for 16% of the UK’s CO₂ emissions. And that’s where Aira comes in. We’re champions of next generation energy. Here in the UK to slash emissions and save customers from sky-high bills.

Misty pine forest with beams of sunlight breaking through

One-stop-clean-energy shop

Our all-inclusive entire home plan makes clean energy accessible and affordable.

Savings for every home

In today’s cost of living crisis, we’re here to end eye-watering bills. For good.

A 200+ UK team

London HQ with hubs in Sheffield, Crayford and soon the North West.

Retraining the industry

Aira Academies are turning hundreds of gas installers into clean energy experts.

Scandinavian roots, European impact

Grab a map of Europe’s residential heating emissions and you’ll see a curious thing. The coldest countries, with the biggest need to heat their homes, have the lowest CO₂ emissions. Why? Because in regions like Scandinavia, heat pumps are the heating standard. 

This got us thinking. What if we could switch the rest of Europe to heat pumps? 

And so we created Aira. 

Map of Europe showing the UK having 16% of emissions coming from residential heating, with mainland Europe being 10% and Scandinavian countries only being 2%
Aira staff sat in a row smiling with one employee with a triumphant fist up

Leading the UK way

With our 200+ strong team we’re a leading provider in clean energy-tech here in the UK. From our Sheffield and Crayford hubs, we’re already serving the South East and Yorkshire. We’re about to open in the North West too, bringing clean energy to the homes of Manchester, Liverpool and beyond. We’re well on track to be fully nationwide by the end of 2024. 

And when we’re not installing clean energy heat pumps, insulation and solar we’re training up hundreds of Clean Energy Experts in our two UK-based Aira Academies.

House with a side extension and an air source heat pump

Cleaning up energy, one home at a time

We’re bringing clean, affordable energy to the millions of European homes that are already heat-pump ready.

What everyone's saying

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Watch our launch event from Stockholm

Video thumbnail - #WATCH: Introducing Aira | Official European Press Conference
Play button - #WATCH: Introducing Aira | Official European Press Conference
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The future everybody needs

Gas-guzzling boilers? Dirty fossil fuels? They’re for a time gone by. The urgent climate challenges the world is facing demands fresh new thinking and bold fast action. It’s time for a new era of energy. And that’s why there’s Aira.

Bar chart showing heat pumps are 4 times more efficient than gas boilers

Fast forwarding to net zero

Switching to a heat pump is the single most effective thing a household can do to drive down carbon emissions. But right now, take up is way too slow. Aira is changing that. And accelerating adoption to the rate where it’ll really make a difference.

Two Aira employees moving an air source heat pump

5 million homes in 10 years

The completely hassle-free Aira experience makes switching to a heat pump as simple and natural as, well, clean fresh air. And the more people we empower to ditch their boilers and embrace the clean energy revolution, the faster the planet and everyone’s pockets will benefit. 

Our goal is to serve 5 million homes with clean energy-tech in 10 years.


Martin Lewerth Chief Executive Officer, Aira

Meet some of the faces behind the future everybody needs

Andrew Angus
Andrew Angus

Partnerships Director

Danielle Lasky
Danielle Lasky

People and Culture Director

Damian Franczyszyn
Damian Franczyszyn

Design Engineer

Matt Isherwood
Matt Isherwood

Service Operations Director

Oliver Jepson
Oliver Jepson

Head of Talent Acquisition

Pamela Brown
Pamela Brown

Group CMO and Commercial Director, UK

Rupert Nevill
Rupert Nevill

Director Product Supply

Tracy Serrao
Tracy Serrao

Head of Commercial Contact Centre

Richard Monk
Richard Monk

Clean Energy Technician

Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris

Chief of Staff

Daniel Särefjord
Daniel Särefjord

Chief Commercial Officer, CEO UK

Lucy Manning
Lucy Manning

Marketing Manager

Christian Vanoostrum
Christian Vanoostrum

Head of Growth

Serina Saroian
Serina Saroian

Head of Brand & Product Marketing

Asa McDonald
Asa McDonald

Clean Energy Technician

Russell McNally
Russell McNally

Head of Region

Person sat with a keyboard wearing a headset and microphone smiling

Want to join us?

We need your talent, experience and passion to bring clean energy-tech to every home that wants it. Check out our roles right across Europe.

Person kayaking in calm water between blocks of ice at dawn

Part of the Vargas family

Aira is part of Vargas Holdings. This impact company builder is behind some of the biggest names in decarbonisation, disrupting the most traditional industries with bold new technology and fresh business models. Now it’s time to shake up Europe’s forgotten CO₂ problem; residential heating. With Aira.

Vaillant logo above All Seasons Energy logo

Bigger by the day

The more we grow, the more homes we can switch to clean energy. We’re proud to team up with brilliant partners like All Seasons Energy and Vaillant.

3 copies of Aira's European Heatmap Report

The Aira European Heatmap Report

Dig into the facts and figures of why heat pumps are the future.

Let’s talk energy efficiency


Want a no-strings chat about improving your home’s energy efficiency? Share your number and we’ll call you back.

Or call us on: 0330 822 5493

Weekdays Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm 

Aira employee sat with two customers in a kitchen with a tablet
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