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Intelligent tech optimised for savings

The Aira Heat Pump is so much more clever than a boiler. It intuitively learns and adapts to everything, from your home routines to the weather, to heat your home and water with optimal efficiency. Keeping you cosy while saving you even more on your energy costs. 

Simply set it, forget it, and enjoy ultimate energy efficiency and maximum savings. That’s intelligent tech. That’s Aira Intelligence.

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Frosty forecast? Your heat pump is one step ahead.

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Cold front coming? Unseasonably warm days ahead? You may not follow the forecast, but your Aira Heat Pump does. 

It sees temperature shifts ahead of time and proactively adjusts your home’s heating accordingly.

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Always maintains your perfect indoor temperature

So many factors can affect your indoor temperature. Outdoor temperature. Your home's insulation. How many people are home – and what you're all doing. 

Your Aira system learns and reacts to it all. Adjusting itself to efficiently maintain your set indoor temperature. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your savings.

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Learns how much hot water you need

Every home has a routine. And, over time, your Aira Heat Pump learns these to heat and store the hot water you need. Not too much. Not too little. Just the right amount for optimal savings.  

For a clear idea of how much is left, your system intelligently converts your remaining hot water from litres into “shower minutes”.

Take control with the Aira Home Energy app

Want to see how much money your saving? Want to change your indoor temperature or boost your hot water? Do it all and more with the Aira Home Energy app.

The Aira Home Energy app
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Intelligent tech or an outdated boiler? It's a no-brainer.

See how much you can save
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