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The Aira app

Your Aira system is full of clever features which heat your home with optimal efficiency. It’s called Aira Intelligence. 

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The most intelligent way to heat your home

Your Aira heat pump system is constantly learning and adapting to become more intelligent over time. It learns your home routines. Adjusts to the weather forecast. Shows your savings. And self-regulates for a continuously improving experience.
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Adapts to your home & routines
Everything from preferred shower times to how quickly your home warms up.
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Auto-adjusts to the weather forecast
Smart Weather Mode keeps you comfortable by proactively adjusting to the forecast.
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Shows your savings
Estimates and displays how much CO₂ and money you’re saving per month compared to a gas or oil boiler.
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It’s consistently fine-tuning its own components, settings and software for optimal performance.
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Prepares perfect amount of hot water
Aira's Intelligent Hot Water Control learns your home's routines and prepares the hot water you need.
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Helps you save while you’re away
Going away? Away Mode saves money and CO₂ by minimising your heating and not producing hot water while you’re not there.
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The Aira app. Control your cosiness anywhere, anytime.

Your Aira heat pump takes pretty good care of itself. But you always have complete control with the Aira app. Anywhere, anytime. 

Control your perfect temperature. Check your consumption. See your savings. Manage your hot water. Do it all and more through an intuitive and seamless experience.

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Intelligent Temperature Control

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So many factors can affect your indoor temperature. The weather. Your home's insulation. How many people are home – and what you're all doing. Your Aira system reacts to it all. Adjusting itself to maintain your perfect indoor climate. 

Ever feel the need to adjust your temperature? Go ahead on your app or thermostat.  

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Intelligent Hot Water Control 

After you set how much hot water you want, your system learns your home’s routine to always prepare the hot water you need. Not too much. Not too little. Just the right amount. 

For a clear idea of how much is left, your remaining hot water is shown in minutes, not litres. Have guests arriving and need more? Just change the amount of hot water minutes in your settings. 

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Cosy inside, no matter the weather outside.

Sudden cold snap? Unseasonably warm? Smart Weather Mode keeps you comfortable by proactively adjusting to the forecast.

You’re always in control

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Aira Image

Surprise guests? Hot Water Plus.

Your Aira heat pump learns how much hot water you normally need and prepares the just-right amount for you. For those unexpected times, when you need more than usual, activate Hot Water Plus. 

Afterwards, your system returns to making your usual amount. ​

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Long weekend away? Away Mode.

Why heat a house that's standing empty for 3 days or more? Away Mode helps save energy and money while you’re away and brings itself back to normal for your return.

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Goodbye outdated displays, hello Intuitive Light Cues.

Is your system perfectly synced with your app? Is it responding to your instructions? Is it working as it should be? Your heat pump tells you through Intuitive Light Cues. 

See what you can save with an Aira Heat Pump

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