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Girl and dog outside with heat pump in snow
12 March 2024
4 minute read

Aira launches state-of-the-art heat pump with smart home energy solution

London, UK – March 12, 2024. Swedish clean energy-tech champion, Aira is today launching the Aira Heat Pump, complete with the latest smart technology to take Europe off gas and accelerate the electrification of home heating.

  • Set to redefine residential heating, Aira is making heat pump technology available to all through its all-inclusive monthly payment plan, advanced technology and an industry-first 15-year ‘Comfort Guarantee’. 
  • Inspired by sleek Scandinavian aesthetics, the system is designed with timeless features to ensure it stays contemporary throughout its lifetime, the full suite boasts soft edges, intuitive light cues and a neutral colour palette. 
  • Taking a digital first approach, the Aira Heat Pump is operated via a smart app and sleek thermostat, delivering key features at the touch of a button. 
  • Complete with ‘Aira Intelligence’ - a set of smart, connected features that learns the customer’s routine to precision plan heating and hot water patterns - the Aira Heat Pump delivers 25% heating cost savings and reduces CO2 emissions by at least 75% from day one. 

London, UK – March 12, 2024. Swedish clean energy-tech champion, Aira is today launching the Aira Heat Pump, complete with the latest smart technology to take Europe off gas and accelerate the electrification of home heating. 

In the UK there are still 25 million oil and gas boilers heating homes. The Government is propelling the transition to heat pumps by offering consumers a £7,500 grant, while VAT has also been eliminated on any clean energy improvements to homes until 31st March 2027. Recent research from Aira revealed that 11% of adults in the UK are considering installing a heat pump in 2024, which equates to nearly 6 million people. This demonstrates the significant market potential, of which Aira plans to serve one million households, while employing 8,000 clean energy-tech roles over the next decade. 

The Aira Heat Pump and complete service offering is set to disrupt the industry, with an affordable monthly payment plan, zero upfront costs and a 15-year ‘Comfort Guarantee’, which is inclusive of performance, product and installation warranty. With this approach, Aira is making the next generation of clean energy-tech accessible to millions, saving customers up to 25% on their heating costs from day one, whilst reducing household CO2 emissions by at least 75% - with emission savings rising to 100% if the heat pump is powered by green energy electricity. The installation of a heat pump is also proven to increase property value by up to £8,000 in the UK1

In design, its sleek, Scandi look delivers a timeless feel that will stay contemporary throughout its lifetime, complete with intuitive light cues, soft edges and colour palette that is designed to fit naturally into its surrounding environment, much like the quiet running sound. 

The Aira Heat Pump takes a digital first approach, removing displays and putting customers in control of all settings via a thermostat and smart app that they can control anytime, anywhere. The system is always improving thanks to ‘Aira Intelligence’, a set of smart, connected features that continuously learn the customer’s routine and household habits to precision plan heating and hot water.

While new to market, Aira has a strong foundation of heat pump knowledge due to its Scandi heritage and roots in Sweden, where heat pump penetration is at 60% and only 1% of the country’s total CO2 emissions come from residential heating. The product and engineering team have been working on heat pumps for over 20+ years and have used their expertise and deep understanding of the technology to create the new Aira Heat Pump. 

Aira is backed by leading climate tech investors across Europe, the US and Asia, helping to accelerate Aira's strategy to drive the much-needed decarbonisation and electrification of residential heating across Europe. The funding has helped to fast-track the development of Aira’s clean energy-tech portfolio, an ecosystem of products to complement the Aira Heat Pump. 

Martin Lewerth, Aira Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “The launch of our new Aira Heat Pump marks a key milestone in Aira’s journey to serve five million customers across Europe over the next decade. Through this, we are helping more households unlock significant savings and reduce carbon emissions - all whilst adding value to their home with a state-of-the-art heat pump. Heat pumps have been around in Scandinavia for decades and we are excited to bring contemporary heat pump design and technology to wider Europe. The time to switch is now, because a warm home shouldn’t cost the earth.” 

Kaj af Kleen, Aira Chief Product and Technology Officer, said: “Marking a new era in home heating, the Aira Heat Pump is the perfect replacement for any gas or oil boiler. Throughout the development process, our design team were laser focused on one goal: to make a simple system that any individual or family would love to live with. We have developed an intuitive app that works to control your home heating and provides customers with peace-of-mind through the inclusion of features that help drive even greater efficiencies, helping them to save money and CO2 emissions. We set out to design the next generation of heat pumps - a beautifully designed and intelligent system, available in a range of sizes fit for any home - and that is what we’ve done.”

[1] Scottish Power: Better Home, Cooler Planet

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