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Easy. Clean. Affordable. How home energy should be.

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Children in pyjamas playing on a sofa
Children in pyjamas playing on a sofa
Someone looking thoughtful and a yellow mug on a tray

Change. It’s in the air.

The way we heat and power our homes hasn’t changed for decades. But now there’s Aira. And now everything changes.

No more relying on filthy fossil fuel. No more eye-watering costs. No more being at the mercy of the energy giants. Just hassle-free clean energy-tech that’s affordable. Sustainable. And completely doable.

Members of the Aira team stood around an air to water heat pump

The Aira way

Up until now, moving to clean energy has been anything but easy. Aira changes that.

Now switching to clean energy is completely hassle free. It’s fast. It’s affordable. No more being pushed from pillar to post. Or abandoned the moment your kit is installed.

We believe everyone who wants clean energy should be able to have it. And finally, you can.

Find out what you could save
Aira's simple 3 step approach to getting a heat pump. Step 1 book a free home energy assessment, step 2 Aira tells you how much you can save and step 3 Aira installs and maintains your heat pump

See what you can save

Use our calculator and find out

Energy independence, this way

Air to water heat pump in a garden obscured by some plants

Ditch the gas bill

The UK is worryingly dependent on foreign gas. But your home doesn’t have to be. Switch to a heat pump with Aira and you’ll be free from gas for good. And with the current £7,500 government grant and no VAT to pay, now’s the time to do it.

Discover heat pumps
Ten solar panels on a roof

Cut your electricity bill

Heat pumps free you from gas heating bills. But we say why stop there? Produce your own clean, renewable power with 0% VAT solar panels and you won’t be as reliant on your electricity supplier, either.

Explore solar panels
Inside a loft with a window in the roof, laid with loft insulation with two rolls inside

Less waste, more savings

Keep more of your precious heating where you want it to be... in your home. With quality insulation in your loft and walls you’ll stop your heat escaping. Saving you even more energy. Saving you even more money. 

And guess what? Right now there’s 0% VAT on insulation too. 

Discover insulation

Who are we?

We’re Aira. We come from Sweden, where heat pumps are as common as our bitter -25 degree winters.

Aira Image
Aira Image
Aira technician working on an air source heat pump in a garden, slightly obscured by plants

The Scandi heating standard

Here’s a curious thing. The countries with Europe’s harshest winters also have Europe’s lowest residential heating CO₂ emissions. 

Why? Because in regions like Scandinavia, they don’t use inefficient gas boilers. They use heat pumps.

And that got us wondering. What if we could make heat pumps as commonplace here as it is up there? How much CO₂ could we save? And how much could we shrink heating bills by?

A lot, as it turns out. 

Learn more about Aira
3 of Vaillant's range of aroTHERM air to water heat pumps against a grey background

21st century heating

We searched the whole world for the perfect heat pumps. And we found them in our partner, Vaillant. These compact, quiet heat pumps use carbon-friendly refrigerants and are even app-controllable.

See the pumps
Wooden flooring with beams of light and two statistics highlighting air source heat pumps are 4 times more efficient than boilers and reduce heating costs by 25%
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