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Heat your home. Not the planet.

Fossil fuels in 2024? We can do better than that.

  • Heat pumps are 4x more efficient than gas boilers
  • 75% fewer carbon emissions
  • 25% lower heating costs
Outside of a house with an air to water heat pump

The energy that’s needed now

Out-of-control energy prices. The climate crisis. The cost of living stretching our budgets beyond belief. We urgently need to re-think how we do energy.

We need new ways to power our homes that drastically improve our here and now – and our future.

(Clue: that’s not gas formed 550 million years ago.)

What makes Aira different?

Clean energy-tech is already here

Vaillant air to water heat pump against a white wall

Heat pumps

Air source heat pumps slash your CO₂ emissions by 75%, and shrink your heating costs too.

Inside a loft with a window in the roof, laid with loft insulation with two rolls inside

Home insulation

Energy prices are going through the roof. Proper insulation keeps your heating exactly where you need it. Inside.

A solar panel reflecting light with a hand touching it

Solar panels

Clean, renewable solar power is a smart addition to any home. And when your home runs on sun, so does your heat pump.

Heat Pumps

Warm sunlight beaming through pine trees into a glade.

75% less emissions? Easy

There are plenty of ways to cut our emissions. But the single most effective thing you can do is switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump. 75% less emissions, without even changing your lifestyle.

An air source heat pump outside a home in the snow

Energy out of thin air

Heat pumps cleverly turn free air from outside into your perfect climate, inside. Simple. Smart. Sustainable. All the things your gas boiler isn’t.

Ready to take on even the harshest of winters, heat pumps are 4x more efficient than your gas boiler and emit 75% less CO₂.

Why are heat pumps the future?

Solar Power

A solar panel reflecting light with a hand touching it

Make your own energy

Why put up with endless price hikes, poor service and filthy fossil fuels? Make your own, budget-friendly power from the sun instead. 

Clean, convenient and reliable (even on the grey UK winter days) solar is your path to energy independence. And right now there’s 0% VAT on your entire solar panel package.

House with solar panels on the roof

Run your heat pump on solar

As well as running on air, your heat pump needs a bit of electricity to work its magic. With solar panels you’ll produce that electricity yourself. 

Imagine. Your home and hot water, heated purely by air and sun.

Let the sun power your pump

Home Insulation

Inside a loft with a window in the roof, laid with loft insulation with two rolls inside

70% of the heating you pay for is wasted

Here’s a painful truth. 25% of the heating you pay for escapes through your roof. Another 35% through your walls. And 10% through the floor. That’s a hell of a lot of completely wasted heating.

Imagine how much cosier your home could be if that heating stayed inside. Not to mention how much you could save each year by being properly insulated.

Row of terraced houses

Keep your heat in your home

With energy prices going through the roof, don’t let your precious heating escape that way too. Let us help you with proper insulation in your loft and walls and keep your heating exactly where you need it – inside.

Find out more about insulation
Aira Image

The Aira Way

Aira employee showing two customers something on a tablet

Your one-stop switch to clean

The best home energy system is one that works together. But when you’re dealing with different companies, suppliers, installers and contracts, that’s easier said than done. 

Aira does it differently. We take care of everything your home needs to run on clean energy. One contact. One all-inclusive plan. One less thing to think about.

What makes Aira different?
Heat pump installers from Aira finishing the installation of a hot water tank for an air to water heat pump and programming a thermostat

Everything’s included

The Aira all-inclusive plan keeps bills low and reassuringly predictable. No sneaky extra costs. No surprise charges. 

Just flexible ways to pay that make switching to clean energy more doable than ever.

Our all-inclusive plan

Let’s talk energy efficiency

Want a no-strings chat about improving your home’s energy efficiency? Share your contact details with us and we'll call you back.

Or call us on: 0330 822 5493

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Aira employee sat with two customers in a kitchen with a tablet
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