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Heat pump installation in Kent

From Royal Tunbridge Wells to Canterbury, we provide hassle-free heat pump installation services in Kent and throughout the UK. From managing your £7,500 grant to installation and servicing, we make switching to a clean energy heat pump a breath of fresh air.

  • We manage your £7,500 grant application for you
  • Installation within 4 weeks
  • Pay 25% less on heating costs
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Two heat pump installers from Aira placing a heat pump next to a brick wall

How much does an air source heat pump cost in Kent?

The cost of installing an air source heat pump in Kent depends on a variety of factors like the size of your home, the total area that needs to be heated and your heating preferences.  

Your tailored quote will include the £7,500 government grant, which we will manage on your behalf. And with 0% VAT to pay until 2027 (effectively saving you 20%), there really is no better time to switch to an air source heat pump in Kent.

Air source heat pump costs

What could your heat pump cost?

Cost from£

The Aira all-inclusive plan
Full design and installation
Affordable monthly payment options
Help with paperwork and grant application
15 Year Aira Comfort Guarantee
Estimate based on standard installation, assuming no radiator upgrades. £7,500 government grant applied. Payment options available.Get a tailor-made quote
Aira employee showing two customers something on a tablet
Aira employee showing two customers something on a tablet

I’m so happy with my heat pump. It's so much more efficient than my boiler. The Aira team were excellent and kept me informed every step of the way. I’m looking forward to a cosy heat pump winter!

Chloe S, London

Aira installs heat pumps in Kent from its hub in Dartford

From our location in Dartford, we install heat pumps and solar panels across Kent and most of England. We guide you through the whole process, conducting a free home-energy assessment to ensure the best heat pump design for your property.

Aira employee bending down beside an air source heat pump

Why switch to a heat pump with Aira?

Changing your gas-guzzling boiler to an energy-saving heat pump has been anything but simple. We change that.  

We make switching a breeze by taking care of the entire process for you. It’s fast. It’s affordable. It’s hassle-free. And it comes with a 10-year Comfort Guarantee.

What makes Aira different?

The Aira all-inclusive experience

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£7,500 grant and 0% VAT
Let the government help cover the cost of your heat pump
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Installation time
Once your grant is approved we’ll book your installation. And you can say goodbye to gas.
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Hassle-Free Switching
Installed within 4 weeks with 10 years service & maintenance
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Comfort Guaranteed
Guaranteed cosiness on even the coldest day of the year

What to expect during an Aira installation

We make switching to a heat pump in Kent a breeze by taking care of everything for you. From our free no-obligation home assessment to installation and maintenance, we're with you every step of the way. So you can sit back, relax, and breathe the fresh Aira.

Video thumbnail - Aira Heat Pump Installation Process
Play button - Aira Heat Pump Installation Process
What everyone's been saying
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There are numerous reasons why installing a heat pump in Kent is a worthwhile investment.  

  • Heat pumps are four times more efficient than boilers, helping reduce your energy bills 
  • They have an average life span of 18 years (almost double that of a typical gas boiler) 
  • They are compatible with both underfloor heating and radiators 
  • They add value to your home 
  • You can claim the £7,500 government grant and 0% VAT 
  • Heat pumps produce 75% fewer CO2 emissions than traditional heating systems

A well-designed heat pump system is 4X more efficient than a gas boiler since it captures 75% of the energy required to heat your home from the free outside air. 

The exact cost of running an air source heat pump depends on the temperature you choose in your home, the amount of hot water you consume, and the price of electricity and the type of electricity tariff you use. 

All Aira Heat Pump systems are designed to perform significantly more efficiently than a gas boiler to optimise CO₂ and heating bill savings. If you don’t have any other gas appliances in your home after switching to a heat pump, you'll be waving goodbye to gas bills for good.

The outdoor unit of the heat pump does make some noise, although it is only as loud as your refrigerator or a quiet washing machine.

The indoor parts of the heat pump - the circulation pump and immersion heater - might make a very small noise, but it will be no louder than a whisper.

Heat pumps can provide effective heating in temperatures as low as -25 degrees celsius. And because your package includes our Aira Comfort Guarantee at no extra cost, you’re guaranteed 20 degree celsius cosiness on even the coldest day of the year – or we’ll come straight out to fix it.

With the Aira Comfort Guarantee, we promise that our Aira Heat Pumps will continue to provide a cosy indoor temperature for the next 15 years. Or we'll come out to fix it. And, if you want to extend your cover when your 15 years are up, that’s easy and affordable. 

We install heat pumps throughout England

With hubs around the country, we install heat pumps across England, including:

Heat pump installation in Cambridge

Let’s talk energy efficiency

Want a no-strings chat about improving your home’s energy efficiency? Share your contact details with us and we'll call you back.

Or call us on: 0330 822 5493

Weekdays Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm

Aira employee sat with two customers in a kitchen with a tablet
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