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Heat pump install in London flat

Property details:  

  • Ground floor terraced flat
  • Victorian era
  • Uninsulated solid brick wall

Lina and her partner contacted Aira about installing a heat pump at their Victorian terraced flat in southeast London. Despite having no EPC and concerns about whether their property would be able to have a heat pump, Aira made it happen. 

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The installation at a glance

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Location: Southeast London

What we installed:

  • 5 kW Vaillant aroTHERM plus air source heat pump
  • Indoor unit (hydraulic station)
  • Hot water cylinder (150 litres)

Government grant: Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Potential Savings: 25%

Aira Image
Aira Image

The challenge

Lina and her partner live in a Victorian ground-floor terraced flat in southeast London. They were looking to switch to a heat pump to reduce their heating bills and their environmental impact. 

Like many people in a flat, Lina was not sure if her property would be suitable for a heat pump. Lina had also heard the rumours that properties needed to be well-insulated to be suitable for a heat pump. This was a big concern considering Lina lived in a Victorian-built, solid brick-walled property with no insulation. 

When Lina contacted Aira, the property also had no valid EPC. As a result, Lina was uncertain of whether she could access any government funding and how much an air to water heat pump installation would cost. 

Aira Technicians greeting customer before installing a heat pump

Our solution

Aira visited Lina’s flat for a free home energy assessment and conducted a full heat loss calculation. We found that the flat was perfectly suitable for a heat pump and there was ample space for the outdoor unit, as well as the indoor unit and a hot water cylinder. 

We designed a heat pump system around a 5 kW Vaillant aroTHERM plus, which was to be installed in the side return of the property. Additionally, a 150-litre hot water cylinder would be installed in the basement.  

A new EPC was arranged confirming the property’s eligibility for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant. Aira successfully applied for the government grant on Lina’s behalf, resulting in a £7,500 discount on the cost of Lina’s air source heat pump. 

Following our successful installation of the heat pump, Lina stands to save 25% on her energy bills. And if she experiences any issues with her system, she is covered by the Aira Comfort Guarantee. 

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Lina's verdict

I chose Aira because everything was included under their all-inclusive plan – the free home energy assessment, the heat pump installation, the aftercare. Everything! 

The whole process with Aira was brilliant and easy from start to finish. The team explained everything to me in detail so I felt confident during every single stage of the installation. 

I’m surprised by how quiet my heat pump is. It's no louder than the fridge in my kitchen! So it doesn't disturb me at all. 

I would recommend Aira to anyone considering switching to a heat pump and wants to save money on their heating bills. A few of my neighbours and friends are now considering it.

Video thumbnail - Aira Heat Pump Install In London Flat – Customer Review
Play button - Aira Heat Pump Install In London Flat – Customer Review

Another happy customer

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Heat pump installation in London FAQs

The cost of living in London is through the roof. And so is home heating. Heat pumps are 4X more efficient than traditional gas or oil boilers, which means they not only slash your home's CO₂ emissions but cut your heating costs by 25%, too. 
With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you can apply for a £7,500 grant from the UK Government. Making a heat pump even more affordable.

Despite the closely built houses, you can install a heat pump in London. Whether or not your home is heat pump ready depends on a variety of factors, such as the available space for the outdoor unit and planning regulations.  
Contact an Aira Clean Energy Consultant to see if you can install a heat pump in your home and arrange a free home energy assessment.

No. The outdoor unit of your heat pump system makes a gentle running sound measuring between 56 and 57 decibels. This is a similar noise level to your fridge.

The space required for the outdoor unit of a heat pump can vary depending on factors such as the model and size of the heat pump, as well as local regulations and installation requirements. 

Heat pump outdoor units typically require a designated area with sufficient clearance for airflow and maintenance access. During our free home energy assessment, an Aira Clean Energy Expert will advise where your outdoor unit should be placed.

Contact an Aira Clean Energy Consultant to book your home energy assessment today.

While solid wall insulation can improve the energy efficiency of a property, you do not need it to be able to meet the necessary EPC criteria to apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme or install a heat pump. 
Contact an Aira Clean Energy Consultant to find out if you’re eligible for the Boiler Upgrade scheme. 

Find out how much your heat pump could cost to install in London

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