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4 August 2023

How Much Does an Air To Water Heat Pump Cost

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Your home needs to be heated, preferably with a low-carbon heating system that’s just as reliable as a gas boiler, without the costly energy bills. Air-to-water heat pumps tick every box by using the free air from outside to heat your water and keep your home toasty. But how much do they cost? Read on for a full heat pump installation cost breakdown.

How much do air-to-water heat pumps cost?

Traditionally, buying and installing a new air-to-water heat pump costs between £10,000 and £30,000 pre government grant, pricing many homes out – at least at first glance.

At Aira we’ve now made it affordable with a new way to pay for your heating and hot water system. With our all-inclusive plan, you’ll have a brand-new air to water heat pump, including installation and a 10 year Comfort Guarantee including servicing, repairs and parts (terms apply), on an affordable monthly plan; a cost that’s likely lower than your current gas bills – which you’d never need to pay again.

Installation costs of air-to-water heat pumps

Expert installation of an air-to-water heat pump comes in two key stages. First, an Energy Expert will visit your home to carry out a home energy assessment and map out exactly where and how the heat pump will work in your home. Then, two engineers and an electrician will install your heat pump. This whole process should take between two to four days.

How much will your heat pump cost to install?

Without Aira, installation of your new air to water heat pump will cost around £5000 depending on the size of your house.  With Aira, the installation and unit cost of your air to water heat pump is included in a low-cost monthly plan, meaning a heated home with no upfront cost. Can your next boiler promise that?

Running Costs of air to water Heat Pumps

Homeowners find the financial and environmental cost of keeping a heat pump running is extremely low, especially compared to a gas boiler.

Air to water heat pumps are extremely efficient, producing 4 times every unit of energy they consume. By efficiently heating your home using the free air outside, rather than generating energy with a carbon-releasing gas boiler, an air to water heat pump eliminates gas bills while ensuring a warm home for at least 15-20 years without needing to be replaced.

No more high running costs and insulated from gas price rises – finally, all it takes is a small amount of electricity to keep your home toasty.

Maintenance/Servicing Costs of air to water Heat Pumps

Keeping your air-to-water heat pump serviced costs an average of between £150-200 annually, but with Aira it’s all part of your all-inclusive plan.

Biggest Factors that Affect the Cost of an Air to water Heat Pump

  • How strong your heat demand is

Bigger homes, larger ceilings and more people in your home (especially those with a penchant for long showers) all create stronger demand for more heat.

  • How insulated your home is

How efficient is your home? From loft insulation to triple glazing, it’s how you can keep hot air inside and cool air out. All heating systems benefit from strong insulation.

  • How large your home is

With any heating system, the larger your home is, the more expensive it’ll be to keep it warm. An Aira Energy Expert will carry out a free home energy assessment to work out the best sized heat pump for your home. The good news? As Aira heat pumps are up to four times as efficient as boilers, you’ll be paying less for your energy bills than you would with a gas boiler.

Why Choose Aira’s air to water Heat Pump

An Aira air to water heat pump is an efficient, and effective way to drastically reduce your carbon emissions, and you’ll never need to pay a gas bill again for your heating or hot water.

Choosing an air to water heat pump instead of an outdated and polluting boiler system is how savvy homeowners beat energy bill rises and stay warm throughout winter with as little carbon as possible.

Find out how much you’ll save when you switch to an Aira heat pump.

From the Aira team

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